Scarborough, Maine



Coastal Paintings 


I grew up mostly in coastal New England, first in Connecticut and then in and around Boston before finally settling in Maine in 1999.  Here, I'm surrounded by gorgeous beaches, rocky coastlines, lush marshes and breathtaking landscapes.  Not surprisingly, this has inspired much of my work.  More recently, I've also begun to enjoy painting still lifes, both related to and unrelated to the coast.  My style is realistic but I like to push color where I can.

My road to becoming a full-time artist began when I was very young and includes having been raised by scientist parents who gave me a keen eye for observation, a love for nature and the tools and opportunity to explore my urge to create art. I also credit an artist grandmother (who I unfortunately never knew) whose work and talent influenced and encouraged me from my earliest years.  I’m lucky and grateful to have inherited the 'art gene'.  My love for creating art was obvious when I was a child and it was, fortunately, recognized and supported.  Drawing and painting was just what I did…and often.  


Nonetheless, I went off to school for an education unrelated to art based on my parent's advice that "art was a good hobby but an unreliable source of income."  This was perhaps sound advice and I did enjoy my first career in the corporate world (and met my husband), but I always imagined a future where I would have my own studio and create art instead.  The move to Maine in 1999 finally allowed for that...although the studio would come years later after three kids were raised and the playroom was no longer more important.

I've been painting ever since and have found both success and reward in finally doing what I was meant to do.  I'm primarily self-taught but, over the years, took classes and courses to learn basics and to seek guidance from artists whose work I admired. 


I was named one of Maine's Noteworthy Artists in the Art Maine 2020 Annual Guide.  I am a member of Oil Painters of America.  My paintings have been accepted into numerous juried art shows and my work has sold to collectors throughout the United States.